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Hi there!

You are a very appreciated guest who have stayed in my AirBnB destination in Strömma, and I know you like the concept with nature, silence and free of charge experiences. That's why I would love to get your input on my ideas for a new, bigger and different vacation destination which I plan to launch in the future (probably latest in spring 2023).

To show you my appreciation for your help, you will get an early invitation to book exclusively at 50% of the regular price, before I open for everyone on AirBnB. To enjoy this offer, just add your email adress at the end of the survey below. 🙂

Best regards, Your host Caroline

How likely are you to travel from Stockholm, by car 1 hour or 1,5 hours by bus, to reach your vacation destination? *

1 = not likely at all 6 = very likely

How would you prefer to get to the vacation destination? *

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How interested would you be in staying in a converted large barn in the quiet countryside right by a lake? *

1 = not interested at all 6 = Very interested

Which of these facilities would you be OK with sharing with other guests during your stay? (bedrooms are private of course) *

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Which season would you like to stay at the vacation destination? *

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What (free of charge) activities would you like to do during your stay? *

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Is there anything else that would make this destination even more attractive to you?

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